Zamzam Quraishy

Evangelist Akio Iyoda


My name is Zamzam Quraishy and I was born into an Indian Muslim family. Accepted Christ in 1984 and was baptized in Methodist Church in India Hyderabad.I worked with the Billy Graham Ministry in India, and served on the faculty of the Institute on World Evangelism. I was a coordinator for the “Good News Festival” in India with Dr. Akbar Haqq, Billy Graham’s Associate Evangelist.

I came to USA in 2001 as pressure form the Islamic Fundamentalist began to build against me. Not knowing how to approach the legal system, and getting wrong advice, I landed up in a mess. Immigration came knocking at my door and took me into custody. Pastor Timothy Riss of Hicksville, United Methodist Church, then approached Mr. T. J. Mills, Immigration Attorney for the New York Annual Conference.

Mr. T.J. Mills came to my rescue and posted bail for me. I was then referred to Professor Lauris Wren of Hofstra University Asylum Clinic. They took my case and in a few months I received my “Green Card.”

While I was in immigration custody I realized that 95% inmates were there because they did not receive right legal advice. In many instances, greedy people with dishonest motives misled them, taking whatever little resources they have. Since then my burden is to help my brothers and sisters who either have no legal knowledge or no money. Therefore, they cannot afford an attorney who would assist them through the process.

As I journey through life, I try to give back to Jesus, my Lord and Savior, who have never failed me. I do this by serving as an Evangelist and Certified Lay Servant at Hicksville United Methodist Church. I am also very involved in community, serving the people in whatever capacity necessary. I am especially involved in the Indian community, throughout Long Island. I humbly serve to the glory and honor of God our Creator.

Your servant in Christ,
Zamzam Quraishy