"Jesus Knows: You Can't Please Everybody!" (Jeremiah 1:4-10, Luke 13:10-17)

Rev. Dr. Marjorie E. NunesRev. Dr. Marjorie E. Nunes, August 25, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday service

In today’s Luke text Jesus is going to tell some folks, “Shame on You!” Frankly, Jesus is going to call them hypocrites! Walter Wink, in his book “Engaging the Powers,” suggests that Jesus' action represented a revolution happening in seven short verses. In this short story, Jesus tries to wake people up to the kind of life God wants for them. He often talks about the Kingdom of God where people have equal worth and all of life has dignity. But in the latter part of his ministry, he begins to act this out.

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