"The Healer Is Here!" (2 Corinthians 8:7-15, Mark 5:21-43)

Rev. Dr. Marjorie E. NunesRev. Dr. Marjorie E. Nunes, June 27, 2021
Part of the Pentecost series, preached at a Pentecost service

Sometimes, despite our best prayers, our best efforts, healing does not come. God has other plans. You can’t force the healing; you can't force the healer. Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Mark begins with Jesus healing the man called Legion because he was possessed with many. But Jesus the healer was not done yet! You see there is healing for you; healing for me…Remember Jesus was going to Jairus’ house, the woman did not let that stop her! She needed healing and she was going to push through no matter what!

Tags: #healing #Jesus #faith

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