"Faith to Believe" (1 Kings 18:20-39, Luke 7:1-10)

Rev. Dr. Marjorie E. NunesRev. Dr. Marjorie E. Nunes, May 29, 2016
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday service

Today we have two story of faith in the “real” God. One story of faith is what we would expect it is about Elijah, the great prophet of God.
The other story of faith is from a most unlikely person—the Roman Centurion. The story from 1 Kings could be called “Showdown on Mount Carmel;” a show down between Baal and the “True and Living God. But then there is the centurion’s faith! Twice in Jesus' ministry, Jesus is flabbergasted. Once, in Mark 6:6, after Jesus is rejected in Nazareth, his own hometown, he is dumbfounded - stunned - at their unbelief! Today in Luke 7, Jesus is astonished again, this time by just the opposite - he is flabbergasted at a Roman centurion's amazing faith. Jesus turns to the crowd following him and says, "I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith!" (v. 9).

Tags: baal, centurion, compassion, faith, God, prophet

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