Quilters of the Cloth

Our Quilting Ministry

Quilters of the Cloth began in November of 2007. Our hope is to help fulfill HUMC’s vision and mission statements of being a joyful Christ-like community: unified in our diversity, mission focused, and supportive in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment while empowering all people to grow in their relationship with God by providing opportunities for worship, study, fellowship and mission to our neighbors.

To support our vision and mission, our goals include teaching the art of quilting to those who are new to the craft as well as learning from those who are experienced. The skills being shared will enable us to make quilts as gifts of love for those who come to our church looking for support for weddings, baptisms and other life events where comfort is needed or joy is celebrated.

Quilts serve as marvelous vehicles to express joy, love, understanding and support. Each stitch that is put into a quilt carries a message from the heart. It is our desire to show others how much our church cares for our neighbors as well as members through hand-made, heart-felt gifts.

This ministry is open to anyone interested in learning this art beginning at the simplest design to those who are more skilled and want to share their expertise to create more complex works. Please contact Evelyn Biamonte through the church for more information and meeting times.